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Lululemon Studio Pants


Your welcome.

These are amazing. AHHHHHMAZING.  You will live in them.  Super flattering and super comfortable.  Seriously go buy them. Like now.  They replace the classic black yoga pant.  People will think you are cool. I mean who cares what people think. Just go buy them.  They are expensive, I know.  But worth every last penny.


Athleta Relay Capri- 


Perfect rise. They stay put and they have a thick band.  I mean what else is there? If your pants stay put when you squat then SOLD!


Prism Sport Classic Legging- 


Ok so you may not be into a python print on your legging. I get it. I have them.  I think they are fabulous.  They come in more subtle patterns and hues.  I highly recommend these beauties.  Perfect material, nice high rise to hold in the tummy (fellow moms unite), good length and I get a ton of compliments.  I mean compliments make them legit right?


Athleta Fastest Track Headband


I love the width of this headband.  Those skinny little ones never stay on my head.  This stays on! It breathes and it looks adorable! I own every color.  Every one.


UA Tech Victory Tank


So I love a good ribbed cotton tank.  But cotton and working out just equal soggy mess.  These look awesome, hold their shape and stay put. I may possibly have every color. Oops.

Nike Lunar Glide Sneakers


Sneakers are different for everyone. There are so many factors that go into finding the right sneaker for your workout.  These are my favorites. I am not a runner. I run on occasion but a runner I am not. These are my go to sneakers for my beach body workouts, kickboxing and cardio. I love these sneakers! My husband (a podiatrist) loves these sneakers. That is all the cred I have on this subject.



Inspire 300 Ear Buds


Ok so I know those big giant ear phones are the cool trend.  But really I just can’t get behind that.  Sorry.  But these little guys? Woooohoo! I have tiny ear therefore tiny ear canals.  These things TWIST into your ear and LOCK in place.  I have always had a problem with ear buds falling out because they are too big for my ears.  These stay in nice and snug! LOVE IT!

Lululemon Reversible Mat


I have a sweaty hand issue.  My hands do not move. Like not at all. So good.  Its kinda heavy so if you are a city dweller toting your mat to the gym then this may not be the mat for you.  But I do not live in the city.  Mine generally stays at home. On my floor. Sometimes its a matchbox car race track or a dog bed.


Kitchen Gadgets I Can’t Live Without


Creusset Dutch Oven


This wonderful gem has a permanent home on my stove.  I use it on the regular.  It is so good for soups, stews, braises.  Its just wonderful.


Cast Iron Skillet


Its amazing the difference a cast iron skillet makes for your meal.  Im not a chef, I don’t play one of TV, I don’t really know the science behind it.  But I can tell you that things gets crispier, crustier and more delicious when you make them in a cast iron skillet. They are relatively cheap which is also a bonus.  And no icky non sticky scary chemical coating is involved.




So if you are following the 21 day fix, eating clean or cutting back on carbs, this is a must purchase.  There are a ton of them out there.  You don’t necessarily need this one but you do need one because seriously ZOODLES ROCK!!!



Ok so do you need to spend this much money on a blender?  No. No you do not.  Any blender will do for your shakeology really.  But seriously this bad boy is amazing.  I use it for EVERYTHING!!!!  Nut butter, soup, pancakes, muffins, purees. I’m obsessed with it.